This course is designed for the beginner, who has no previous knowledge in the Music Production field. Although this course will benefit those of you who have little to much knowledge with Music Production as well! In this course, you will learn how to become a music producer and a recording engineer, and how to take the sound production quality of your music production studio to the next level. Although we us a free DAW in this course, you will learn the basic tools you need to be able to start working in the powerhouse DAWs like Logic Pro X and Avid Pro Tools!


    You will essentially get 12 courses in 1 that will quickly help you elevate your skills as a beat maker / music producer. Classes will be 60-minutes once a week.


    You will learn things like...

    • equalization 

    • compression

    • mic placement

    • plugins

    • audio editing

    • effects processing

    • how to import and export your tracks

    • how to record audio

    • how to produce music

    • how to record audio on a PC

    • how to record audio on a Mac

    • how to use basic functions within any DAW such as Logic Pro X!

    • and much more

    Even if you have never worked with audio equipment before, or words like equalization mean nothing to you, by the end of this course you will be well on your way to starting a successful career in the music industry, and taking your talents to the world!  You will learn the best practices for music production, so that "music making" can be your career! By taking this course you will learn how to record your masterpiece from scratch starting with what computer you should have all the way up to mastering and releasing your own music. You will learn how to become a recording engineer and how to produce music like a pro! Thanks for checking out my course, Music Production I, and I hope to see you inside!

    Who is the target audience?
    • Artists who want to produce and record their own music.
    • Aspiring Recording Engineer.
    • People who have had a desire to record a single song.
    • Artists who want to learn how to use a DAW such as Logic Pro X.

    Instructor - DJ Symphony - Of The Wu-Tang Clan

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