The DJ Certification Program offers 2 course options:


    This 12 week course is designed for beginner & advanced students committed to becoming a working DJ in a condensed time frame. Classes will be 60-minutes once a week and students have the option of online classes. (additional fees may apply). At the end of this session, students will be ready to DJ for a crowd and host their own party.


    The entire DJ Certification program is built on hitting key milestones along with strong mentorship from instructors and collaboration with your classmates. Classes move fluidly from one milestone to the next when students have grasped and mastered the concepts.




    Financing with purchase of electronic equipment is available through a partner organization.
    Complete DJ Course
    $799 12 Week Course
    Kids & Adult Classes
    60 Min Class Time
    Hands On Learning
    Laptop Required
    Headphones Required
    Music Required
    Hard Drive Required



    Instructor - DJ Symphony - Of The Wu-Tang Clan

    Instructor - Andrew Nogaliza

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    Founded by DJ Symphony of the Wu-Tang Clan, The Symphony DJ Academy strives to spread the transformative power of music by providing the highest quality music education and experiences to all who seek them. At Symphony DJ Academy, we believe music is an integral part of daily life. We offer classes for all ages and skill levels, and our community is inclusive, fun, and focused on meeting each student’s individual needs. Symphony DJ Academy works to increase access to music education, appreciation, and performance.


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