If you would like to know how to:

    • Create better drum patterns
    • Produce more melodic instrumentals
    • Improve your sound
    • Instantly get a competitive edge over the competition
    • And save yourself years of time trying to learn the secrets to master the craft

    Then you are in the right place!

    This course will systematically teach you how to make better music and improve your beat making skills

    You will essentially get 6 courses in 1 that will quickly help you elevate your skills as a beat maker / music producer. Classes will be 60-minutes once a week. 

    Below are the main subjects you will learn.

    • Music Production
    • Music Theory
    • Mixing

    The ideal student for this course is someone who is just getting started producing music or a beginner that wants to QUICKLY IMPROVE their production skills. Ultimately you want to PRODUCE PROFESSIONAL BEATS & INSTRUMENTALS that can be sold, licensed, or used for personal use but just don't know how!

    Learn how to improve your sound step by step.


    Click the enroll button now and I will see you inside! 

    Who is the target audience?
      • The course is meant for people who are passionate about pursuing a career in music production
      • You will need to know the basic music production fundamentals such as how to record tracks, build a beat from scratch, and general knowlegde of music production software operation
      • This course is not for established music producers / composers with major credits on successful projects. If you are already established you already know most of the techniques that are in this course.
      • This course is for anyone who produces music or wants to produce music and wants to take your skills in music production to the next level.
      • Please note that you must watch all the videos, take notes, and make a genuine effort to apply all of the techniques to be successful.


    Start Today, Change Your Tomorrow!


    Fast Track Beat Course
    $3996 Week Course
    Kids & Adult Classes
    60 Min Class Time
    Hands On Learning
    Laptop Required
    Headphones Required
    Music Required
    Hard Drive Required

    Instructor - DJ Symphony - Of The Wu-Tang Clan

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    Founded by DJ Symphony of the Wu-Tang Clan, The Symphony DJ Academy strives to spread the transformative power of music by providing the highest quality music education and experiences to all who seek them. At Symphony DJ Academy, we believe music is an integral part of daily life. We offer classes for all ages and skill levels, and our community is inclusive, fun, and focused on meeting each student’s individual needs. Symphony DJ Academy works to increase access to music education, appreciation, and performance.


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