Adult DJ Intro Course

Adult DJ Intro Course

This DJ course is perfect for any beginner that wants to learn how to DJ. We cover the basic DJ techniques as well as the intermediate-level mixing and blending skills. ONLY 399.99 Per Student. 4 Week Course. 60 Minute Class.
  • 4 WEEKSCourse Duration
  • BEGINNER Skill level
  • $399.99
    ( 67% off )
  • 19 Jan, 2019Admission Deadline

Sample Course Syllabus

Week 1: Art of Deejaying

The focus of this class will be to explore the roots of deejaying and look at how it started, who started it and pioneers in the craft.

Week 2: Serato Software Overview and Training

This class will introduce the student to three different Serato programs and teach how to implement the software. Visit to download the software. You must complete this class before you advance to the next.

Week 3: How To Use Your Headphones

This class will focus on use of the headphone and the duality of listening to music that is being currently played while selecting the next song to be played.

Week 4: How To Count Bars

This class will introduce the concept of bar counting and give students an opportunity to try various exercises to count bars of 4. This skill is a crucial to the art of deejaying. You must finish this class before you can advance to the next.

Week 5: How To Count Bars

This class will examine the importance of pitch control and teach students the art of controlling song speed while mixing.

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